VIEW RESUME I use art to explore and celebrate the human psyche. As an Artist and Art Therapist, I am intrigued by the imagery and symbols unique to each of us.

Art therapy is a type of counseling that helps people to heal, cope, and attain goals through art making. Art Therapists can assist people in the articulation of feelings and needs that are often visible in artwork. Benefits of art therapy include, but are not limited to, increased self-esteem, improved problem solving skills, pain management, mood enhancement, memory recall, the ability to focus, connectedness to others, and positive social change.

My own process of art making reminds me of the myriad benefits of art therapy. I often paint portraits and spontaneous landscapes that loosely depict childhood memories. I embellish the beauty and comfort of each subject by using soft lines and vivid colors. In addition to helping others achieve personal goals, I hope to one day write and illustrate a therapeutic children's book.